Is It Too Late to Learn to Play the Piano?

Is It Too Late to Learn to Play the Piano?

If you’re anything like me, you’re going to find yourself wondering if it’s too late to learn to play the piano. Oh, come on, the question isn’t so uncommon – in fact, most kids today are being taken to a piano class every Wednesday and Saturday, so why wouldn’t I wonder if it’s too late for me?

What it boils down to is really the fact that I’m a little disappointed I never felt ready to learn to play the piano as a kid, so those 2 years of piano lessons my parents spent on me were a little wasted – there, I said it. But, now that I’ve moved on through college and a kid, I find myself finally hitting the part of life where I have more free time to devote to my interests, and somewhere in there, piano lessons snuck their way back in.

“But, People Don’t Take Piano Lessons Online At My Age.”

I get it. I said the same thing to my friend Lisa the other day when I mentioned feeling disappointed I wasted hundreds of dollars of my parents’ on piano lessons all those years ago. I mean, I use the internet mostly for journaling and work-related projects. I was met with questions like “why not?” and “have you looked?” so…. I decided to look into it.

I decided to do a little research into my options and actually look for something that didn’t always involve strict schedules of Wednesday/Saturday at 1 in the afternoon. I found various ways learn how to play the piano online, as well as flexible in-person options. It turns out, there are treasure troves of resources I didn’t even realize existed that are connecting teachers from around the world to local needs, whether it’s someone wanting to learn how to play the piano online or someone needing instructions on changing their brake pads.

            What I’ve Discovered

I’ve discovered that there are dozens of ways to learn to play the piano online or through a flexible tutor. It’s mind-boggling to think about how far technology has advanced since even I was in school, and honestly, it makes me wonder what else I have an opportunity to learn today that I didn’t necessarily have as easy access to just a decade ago. I’ve enjoyed looking through DIY forums recently, exploring all the different projects that people come up with, and quite frankly, some of them are incredibly inventive and I’m itching to try a bunch of ideas out.

There is one thing that I’m going to do first, however, otherwise I would never live it down to myself: I’m going to learn to play the piano online as well as in-person, just to give myself the options. I signed up for classes and I go to my first flexible-schedule class on Sunday. I’m finding myself excited just thinking about the possibilities, and I’ve found additional course material online that I’m spending my free time looking through it with a keyboard I borrowed from Lisa. I have to say, I never thought it would be so easy, but it is.

Well, I’m counting the days to my first in-person lesson on Sunday, that’s for sure. Little does my tutor know I’m coming prepared!